• Showreel & Bio
    Born in Atlanta, GA, I  found an interest in creating images with technology early on in my life. Fascinated with the magic of digital image capture since before I could walk, I grew up regularly experimenting with DV and MiniDV home video cameras during vacations and holiday events.
    By the fourth grade, I had begun to teach myself music production and mix engineering, as well as editing and compositing in Final Cut Pro and After Effects. By 7th grade, I had added basic prosumer videography to this list and had completed a comprehensive research project that introduced me to in-depth film production. Before long, I found myself faced with a difficult decision: Moving forward as an audio engineer, or as a filmmaker. The choice became clear in 2009 after I was given an opportunity to film and edit a series of music videos for  musician Marshall "Mars" Manning. After more than a year of doing it all -- Directing, shooting, lighting, editing, and VFX -- I ultimately found my passion in the discipline of cinematography, where I could combine my technical knowledge and attention to detail with the task of creating meaning and symbolism within every frame of a moving image.
    Focusing on evoking emotions through careful lighting, composition, and camera movements, my passion and dedication for my craft is what drives me. Even today, I choose to spend most of my spare time studying and sharpening my skills, whether it's observing the behavior of natural light or finding inspiration in the work of other filmmakers I admire.